Thunderbolt & Salami 6,6%

6,60  sis. ALV

Varasto loppu



Thunderbolt & Salami 6,6% | Thiolized IPA | Super Sauvin, Nelson sauvin, Galaxy

Behold the dynamic duo; Tuju and Salama are introducing our latest collaboration brew, a true masterpiece of flavor and craft – it’s a divine Salamic elixir that transcends the ordinary, and promises to electrify your senses!

This sausage saga embodies the fury of gods and legends, but only if that fury is made of extra thiccck tropical fruitiness from the hop oils. Embark on an extravagant adventure. Immerse yourself in this symphony created in the east of Paskard!

6,60€/0,44L (15,00€/L) Ei panttia