Tuju aims to cater to even the most particular of clientele. In addition to our own products, our guest cabinet contains a truly spectacular selection of the most special, unique, and of course, seriously-hyped beers from around the globe. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Not feeling the hops and malts during your shopping trip? Maybe you need to throw yourself a bit of a curve-ball and add some different flavors to your life? You can find an absolutely beautiful array of ciders in our cider cabinet (always kept at optimum temperature, for your drinking pleasure)!

Torstaisin 12-17 | perjantaisin 12-18
(The assumed pick-up date for pre-orders containing crowlers is Friday.)

Our online store is open for business 24/7 at The brewery shop can be found at Meijerinkatu 4 and can be accessed via Savenvalanajantien . Welcome!


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Panimoyhtiö Tuju (that’s ‘The Tuju Brewing Company’, for our English readers) was founded in 2015, with the aim of bringing high-quality craft beer culture back to Lappeenranta. The mission of the brewery, named after the founders' initials, is to craft great, modern beer using traditional techniques, whereby every step of the process is carried out with clinical precision under extremely strict quality control. The end result is an extreme catalog of tempting beverages from all over the beer spectrum, the intense flavors and approachability of which captivate consumers again and again.

Our humble brewery, which currently operates in an old dairy, has been duly given numerous awards for its stouts, and the popularity of its boldly-hopped IPAs has created serious hype among modern craft beer enthusiasts. Despite this, we do not claim to be an ambassador of any one particular style, but instead aim to constantly develop styles and techniques in new areas – variety is the spice of life, after all!

Our storied persistence in quality beer production culminates in our Wild Barrel and Black Barrel beers, who’s share in the brewery's production is constantly increasing, due to the interest and demand of both our customers and our brewing team. Distinctive humor, rawness, and sharp graphic finish act as a hook for everything Tuju does. The brand’s uncompromising attitude, extraordinary passion, and daring approach speaks to beer drinkers in every possible respect, fueling Tuju's vision to grow into the most unique and recognizable brewery in Finland, and eventually bring our beers to the salivating maws of beer drinkers worldwide.


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