Tuju Taproom
is open!

Panimoyhtiö Tuju has finally opened its own restaurant - Tuju Taproom - in Lappeenranta's beautiful Rakuunamäki district. There are 16 taps, containing a constantly-changing selection of our own beers, as well as top-quality guest beers from around the world. Refrigerated cans are also available for on-site consumption, and take-away orders. The tap room can be found at Soittokunnanraitti 3.

Yes, we did say “restaurant” in the last paragraph, which means we can not only serve you the finest-quality libations in all the land, but we can feed your hungry stomachs, as well! What’s on the menu? Only the best compliment to beer to ever exist: Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza. We carefully interviewed and selected the best possible kitchen staff, with the intent of bringing our customers a food and beer experience that is unrivaled throughout the Karelia region! For the time being, we are taking minimal reservations, intended for parties of ten or more people. To make a reservation, please send us an email at taproom@panimotuju.fi. Please note that we require 48 hours advance notice of any reservation, to ensure that we can accommodate your party’s needs.

Want to enjoy our delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home? We do take-away! You can place your take-away order directly at the front counter with one of our friendly front-of-house staff. While we are consistently busy, our dedicated, laser-focused kitchen staff can usually have your pizza ready in less than 15 minutes…just enough time to have one of your favorite Tuju beers while you wait!

We have a special sale ongoing through the summer of 2023, at the Harapainen store at Meijerinkatu 4, You can buy cans, wild yeast beers and draft beers up to 12% off! Don’t miss out!

Our taproom facility will begin playing host to our new brewery system this autumn.

T A P R O O M H O U R S :
KE – TO 14 – 00, keittiö auki 14 – 22
PE 11 – 00, keittiö auki 11 – 22
LA 12 – 00, keittiö auki 12 – 22
SU 12 – 21, keittiö auki 12 – 20