Tuju Taproom
is open!

Tuju Taproom, Pizzeria & Shop is situated on the scenic Rakuunamäki in Lappeenranta. The taproom boasts 16 taps, complemented by a rotating selection of high-quality guest beverages. Refrigerated cans are also available for on-site consumption, and take-away orders. In our guest fridges, we emphasize high-quality craft beers and ciders, as well as non-alcoholic brewery products. Tuju Taproom offers our own products exclusively up to 12% ABV. The tap room can be found at Soittokunnanraitti 3.

Ruokimme myös nälkäiset, sillä meillä on tarjolla napolilaistyylistä hapanjuuripizzaa, joissa korostuu paikallisuus. Toistaiseksi otamme pyötävarauksia vain yli 10 hengen ryhmille. Järjestämme myös tastingeja ja panimokierroksia. Yhteydenotot suoraan osoitteeseen taproom@panimotuju.fi.

Takeaway orders are also available. We accept pre-orders for pickup by phone and also utilize Wolt for home deliveries. While we are consistently busy, our dedicated, laser-focused kitchen staff can usually have your pizza ready in less than 15 minutes…just enough time to have one of your favorite Tuju beers while you wait!

Our online takeaway shop operates at panimotuju.fi/kauppa and beer purchases made on the website are picked up from Tuju Taproom at the counter. Please note that we cannot sell or hand out online orders after 9:00 PM.

KE 14 – 00,  (keittiö auki 14 – 22)
TO 14 – 00, (keittiö auki 14 – 22)
PE 11 – 00, (keittiö auki 11 – 22)
LA 12 – 00, (keittiö auki 12 – 22)
SU 12 – 21, (keittiö auki 12 – 20)